Finding the cause of pain or health issue, then getting the required treatment, shouldn’t require patients to visit several different practices. For men and women in the Baltimore area, becoming a patient of Advanced Medical Center is highly convenient. The office’s integrated medical clinic allows families near Rosedale, Roland Park, Towson, and Pikesville, Maryland, to get all of their medical needs met under one roof.

What makes Advanced Medical Center different is from other clinics is that the doctors and medical team believe that symptoms are the body’s way of telling a patient something is off, even if it’s a minor health issue. The clinic’s medical professionals have extensive training and experience in reading symptoms and signals, then putting together a diagnosis and treatment plan.

The practitioners at Advanced Medical Center work to treat any underlying medical problems men and women may have, rather than masking the issue with medications or temporary relief options. They work to get patients back to optimal overall health.

Advanced Medical Center is truly a one-stop-shop for improved health. Patients of the practice get help with physical therapy, joint injections, spinal screenings, cardiovascular health, and headache management. The practice is accepting new patients and offers flexible appointments that fit around a busy schedule.

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