I had very sharp knee pain starting 6 months ago,the health insurance I have at work sent me to a knee surgeon.Of course the surgeon told me I need to be operated soon and started sharpening his knives…what he didn’t tell me is that I would be severely handicapped for months after the operation.I work at Amazon long shifts standing and walking a lot,so I looked for a different solution.Dr Jarret offered me a treatment plan after taking a lot of x-rays that will take about 1 year.I started 3 months ago ,bi weekly visits including exercises,chiropractic treatments(thanks Dominick),injections of hyaluronic acid,a natural lubricant in my knees(thanks Alethia) and I feel 1000%better already.In fact I feel better than I have for many years,with easy and affordable payment options for the part not covered by my insurance. I look forward to my visits like going to see some good friends always positive,full of good vibrations and humor,I highly recommend a diagnostic visit to anyone with any pain related to their skeleton!

– Michel F.

I have been receiving care from Advanced Medical for many years. They have helped me with not just my back issues but knee issues as well. I received stem cell injections for my knees which helped to decrease my knee pain and has so far kept me from having knee replacement which I am truly happy about. The doctors and other staff are very professional, nice and caring about whatever concerns you present to them. I have referred them to many of my friends.

– Paula J.

The team at Advanced Medical Center is amazing. They always manage to accommodate my crazy ever-changing schedule to make sure I stay on track with my treatment. I am always greeted with a smile (and a temp check during these covid times). They created a telreatment plan for my neck and spine, which has made me feel so much better, I no longer have regular migraines and back spasms, which were the norm a little over a year ago. I could not be happier with the treatment I have gotten from Dr. J, Dr. Dom, and the team!

– Chris A.

The team was timely, attentive and consultative in my appointments and follow up. I highly recommend for the services they offer.

– Darrell M.

Awesome Medical Center,They are Always kind and Concern For My Medical Situation,I’m Better Because OF Advanced Medical Center!

– Sophia D.

The Doctors and staff are all friendly and helpful with the exercises. The office has a positive feeling when you walk in. I would recommend this office to my friends and family.

– Shirley S.

This is the best team in the state of Maryland, they are all kind and fun and when your not felling well they fix you. Thumbs up for this crew

– Rhonda A.

Excellent team – had me “back to normal” in a few weeks – will continue treatment to help progress!

– Rich H.

Exceptional service, care, and treatment. I was offered an immediate appointment in my initial telephone call although they were closing within 40 minutes. I was registered, consulted, given x-rays, examined, and provided treatment for unbearable excruciating back pain — patiently and well beyond their closing time. I felt relief of my pain and symptoms immediately following my initial treatment. Within one week I was pain free and I was able to return to work, ride my exercise bike, cook, walk, drive, shop, tie my shoes & play piano effortlessly. Prior to treating with Advanced Medical Center, my condition had been misdiagnosed for the past 14 years (since 2005) by approximately 7 doctors. Advanced Medical Center immediately determined the correct diagnosis. The doctors and staff are professional, knowledgeable, caring, and genuinely friendly. They are like family and I would seriously consider taking up residency there if they had the room. It has now been three weeks since my initial appointment and my life has returned to normal. I highly recommend Advanced Medical Center for improved wellbeing and quality of life.

– Kaye C.

Dr. Dominick is always very personable with me. He remembers what my issues are even when he hasn’t seen me in weeks.

– Consuela L.

This practice is run like a well oiled machine. All the staff show the utmost respect to each individual while tending to their needs. I never felt like an assembly like. My needs were met always in a reasonable amount of time. Thank you Dr. J for always checking up on my visits. Thank you Dr. Dom for letting me curl your ears each visit. Then there’s my friend Alethia, thank you! I will be back, maybe not as often but I will be back.

– Lillian J.

During Covid-19, Dr.J listened to my concerns as it pertains to my pain and he immediately came up with a plan of action!

– Kimberly J.

She’s very knowledgeable, caring and professional. She’s a great health care provider.

– Scherrie D.

First time visit was quick , courtesy and friendly, but most importantly professional.

– Andrew D.